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Corporate Profile

Agricultural Development Corporation is a Government Parastatal, which was established in 1965 through an Act of Parliament Cap 346, to facilitate the land transfer programme from European settlers to locals following the country’s independence. It was also to be a stabilizing factor to assist in maintaining the good quality livestock and continuity of the breeding programs in the affected farms.

With the successful completion of the land transfer programme, revision of objectives of the Corporation was done resulting in the Act of Parliament Cap 444 of 1986.As per this Act, the functions of the Corporation were redefined to include promotion and execution of agricultural schemes and reconstruction in Kenya by initiating, assisting or expansion of agricultural undertaking and enterprises. It is on the basis of this Act that the Corporation runs its operations across the country.

Our Vision
To be the prime mover and leader in agricultural development in Eastern Africa and beyond.

Our Mission
To promote sustainable agricultural development and reconstruction in Kenya by initiating. Assisting and expanding agricultural undertakings and enterprises through production and supply of quality seed, livestock, technological transfers and training in a sustainable and affordable manner.