SIRE Catalogue 2022

I am delighted to present the 2nd issue of Sire Catalogue for the ADC Livestock Genetics Centre. The Centre is now 2 ½ years old having started operations in June 2018 after satisfying all requirements for a breeding station and obtaining a license from the Director of Veterinary Services.

The Centre has grown from 4 bulls in June 2018 to 48 bulls currently, of which 40 are in production and drawn from all the major dairy,
and beef breeds in the country. All the bulls at the Centre have been recruited from reputable breeders, these includes 19 bulls of the main dairy breeds that were
sourced from top herds in South Africa that routine practice genomic testing.

In 2019 and 2020 the Centre recruited 38 Product Distributor Agents in 24 Counties across the Country. This is a strategy geared to taking the products closer to the end users with affordability and efficiency in mind. The Sire Catalogue will be distributed widely and content herein will help Farmers and Arm Length Service Providers make informed choice of bull to use for their next generation offspring.

The breeding objectives of most of our Farmers is to rear productive, medium framed, functionally correct cows that are able to produce milk efficiently.
They also select for longevity and fertility in addition to milk quality for dairy cattle. In beef cattle, the farmers look out for fast growth rate, high foliage conversion efficiency and good fertility.
The bulls at the Centre have all these attributes and this is what our farmers require to improve on productivity, house hold incomes and contribute to the Food and Nutritional Security Agenda. DOWNLOAD FULL CATALOGUE