Corporate Profile

Agricultural Development Corporation is a Government Parastatal, which was established in 1965 through an Act of Parliament Cap 346, to facilitate the land transfer programme from European settlers to locals following the country’s independence. It was also to be a stabilizing factor to assist in maintaining the good quality livestock and continuity of the breeding programs in the affected farms.

With the successful completion of the land transfer programme, revision of objectives of the Corporation was done resulting in the Act of Parliament Cap 444 of 1986.As per this Act, the functions of the Corporation were redefined to include promotion and execution of agricultural schemes and reconstruction in Kenya by initiating, assisting or expansion of agricultural undertaking and enterprises. It is on the basis of this Act that the Corporation runs its operations across the country.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in Sustainable Agricultural Resource Development.

Our Mission

To promote commercially oriented agricultural resource development, enhance food and nutrition security and expand agricultural undertakings through production and supply of quality seed, livestock, biodiversity management, technological transfers and incubation of enterprises in a sustainable manner.

Strategic objectives

  1. To strengthen the institutional capacity to effectively manage operations.
  2. To optimize production and productivity in all sectors.
  3. To commercialize new enterprises and diversify into new areas.
  4. To enhance operational efficiency across the corporation. 

Our Role in the Agricultural Sector

As a provider of quality seed to the Kenyan farmer, ADC is the main seed maize grower in Kenya with the help of the large land area it has in Trans-Nzoia District. The basic seed obtained from the Kenya Seed Company and other organizations is multiplied and passed back to Kenya Seed Company for processing. ADC endeavors to make sure that the seed produced is of highest quality possible. In facilitating the multiplication of seed, ADC plays the role of availing sufficient quantities and good quality seed to the Kenyan farmer.

In so doing, it contributes towards poverty reduction efforts and to the National Food Security.

  • ADC is the custodian of the national livestock studs. ADC ensures the continued existence of the breeds and the availability of quality stockto the Kenyan farmer at affordable prices.
  • ADC plays a major role in the transfer of technology from the research institutions to the Kenyan farmer.
  • Through linkages with Agricultural institutions ,ADC has contributed to be a testing ground for technologies and research .The findings of which are passed on to the farmer. ADC also facilitates the training of farmers through field days and agricultural shows; and the training of student through attachment that provide hands – on experience.
  • ADC being a major producer of agricultural produce, Plays a major role in its support to industries processing agricultural goods. Top in the list are seed maize processors, milk processors and millers. Through them, ADC has contributed to support of the industrial sector of the Kenya economy.

Core values

Staff: Having committed members of staff working as a team, with high professional ideals, integrity, accountability, transparency and sources on an equal opportunity basis.

Environment: Ensuring that our activities are not only compliant but also friendly to environmental laws and community interests..

Social Responsibility and Patriotism: Having patriotic staff and management who will serve with citizens’ dignity and zeal for the prosperity of this country and be sensitive to the welfare of their neighbor.

Technology: Embracing new innovations and up- to – date technology development in all operations for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

Quality Service: Providing quality services to customers and clients at competitive prices.

What to get from us:

  • Quality Boran Beefs Breeds.
  • Quality Dairy Cows ( in – calf heifers)
  • Quality Semen from both local and Embryo Transfer (EF) bulls from world’s best sires.
  • I Training for AI Technicians.
  • Borehole Drillings Services.
  • Machinery Hire Services.
  • Quality animal feeds.
  • Farms Advisory and Management Services.