Nakuru Region

ADC Lanet Farm

ADC Lanet is located to the East of Nakuru Town. It receives marginal rainfall, making it unsuitable for rain fed crops.
The Unit through a Farm Built Dam has established an Irrigation System where banana plantation has been established.
The unit has all the major Livestock Breeds, It also fattens Pigs. Soon to come is the Hatchery.

 ADC Molo Potato Project

The Molo Potato project is a Center of Potato Seed Production, Storage and Distribution.A Tissue Culture Lab has been established to aid in rapid multiplication of Seed Potato.

 ADC Mutara Ranch

ADC Mutara ranch is located in Laikipia District. It is home to the National Boran Stud and has considerable Wildlife numbers.
The Ranch is seeking to be the best Boran breeding production Unit and first choice for Breeders who seek Boran Genetic materials Worldwide.A sanctuary has been developed to make use of the wildlife.