ADC Livestock Genetics Centre aims at producing quality livestock genetics(with particular emphasis on cattle) to complement local supplies and provide diversity all geared towards increased uptake of AI Services and improved dairy and beef...

ADC Maize

ADC Maize

Agricultural Development Corporation is the major seed maize grower in the country. The corporation produces over 10 million clean seed maize annually. The Corporation plays varied roles in the development of agriculture in Kenya. As a provider...

Boran crosses

Boran crosses

The genetic background of Kenya Boran is predominantly Zebu.ADC is the custodian of the Boran Stud in Kenya and by so doing ensures continuous availability of Boran breeding animals to the Kenya farmer.

Herd Friesian

Herd Friesian

Friesian cattle are identified by their black and white short haired coat and short horns. They are large in size with an average body weight of 500 – 550kg. They are natives of Europe but through importation of semen and local breeding, they are...


ADC Livestock Genetics Centre

Location and Size:

The Centre is  owned by Agricultural Development Corporation and is located  17 Kms from Kitale Town along Endebbes-Kitale road. It is on 100 acre land carved out of ADC Sabwani Farm overlooking Mt Elgon.

The Centre is enclosed by a double chain-link perimeter fence ,and a biosafety main gate with restricted entry for vehicles and visitors.

Three quarters of the Centre is under fodder for the bulls and an irrigation system is being set up to use roof catchment water to irrigate the fodder.


Background :

The Centre was constructed and equipped from May 2014 -July 2017 through a National Government Grant to ADC. From October 2017 to March 2018 the Centre recruited technical staff and trained them in biosafety measures and operation of Laboratory  equipment.The Centre was licensed by the Director of Veterinary Services as a semen production and distribution facility on 30th May 2018 and started semen production on 8th June and semen distribution on 9th July 2018.

The Centre started with 2 bulls(1 Friesian and 1 Ayrshire) in production and the number has grown over the year to 10 Friesian,2 Ayrshires,4 Jerseys and 4 Boran bulls in production at an average of 8,500 doses of semen per week.in addition there are 4 young Friesian , 2 Ayrshire and 2 Boran  bulls that will go into production from July this year.We are also planning to import 19 high genetic merit dairy  bulls by end of July.


Objective of Centre

ADC is mandated by  the Act of Parliament Cap 444 to produce and disseminate agricultural inputs which includes crop and livestock seeds.

ADC Livestock Genetics Centre aims at producing quality livestock genetics(with particular emphasis on cattle) to complement local supplies and provide diversity all geared towards increased uptake of AI Services and improved dairy and beef productivity.

To realize  these objectives the Centre is  working  closely with breeding institutions,Product distributors , County Governments and Farmers in bull recruitment,marketing and sales , advisory and extension services.

Centre units

The Centre has a Pre-quarantine where newly recruited bulls are held observed and sampled for breeding and other diseases.The bulls in production are kept in the main quarantine compound where they also undergo training to mount.

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art modern equipment for semen collection, evaluation straw printing ,filling and sealing equipment with capacity to hygienically process 5,000 semen straws per hour.

The Centre also has a fully equipped Conference and Catering facility to cater for 50 participants and has been host to an African Bovine Reproductive Workshop last October 3 National workshops and many local seminars.


Product range and availability

Our bulls are recruited from reputable, recording and registering  Breeders with the needs of our small holder and large scale farmers in mind .Emphasis has been laid in recruiting bulls that will impact good production,type,functional , health and longevity traits on their pro-genies.

The Centre currently has over 250,000 doses of Friesian,Ayrshire ,Jersey and Boran in stock and is in the process of appointing Agents to distribute these stock and more to come at affordable cost to Arm Length Service Providers and Farmers.We shall be seeking feedback on the effectiveness and fertility  of our bull semen through  direct contact with Agents ,Arm length service providers ,County Veterinary and Animal Production Staff as well as visiting Farmers using our genetics to discuss accessibility and performance.

We also have a modern liquid nitrogen plant which is  producing liquid nitrogen for use in our laboratory and surplus for sale Agents at affordable cost.

In line with our Marketing and Extension Strategy  we shall be visiting the various Counties using our products  to train Arm Length Service Providers and Farmers on efficient , effective service delivery and good husbandry practices.

We also intend to start stocking quality A.I equipment(liquid nitrogen containers,AI Guns,Socks,Forces, Goblets)and livestock extension materials in the next 3 months.


For Further information please:       ADC Livestock Genetics Centre


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                                                     Tel. Number :0202500036


Contact Persons:                         Dr Muchemi Kariuki-Manager

                                                    Dr J.Kathoka Musee-Senior Technical Officer


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