Farm Advisory Services

Agricultural Development Corporation, a Government Parastatal,was established through an Act of Parliament Cap 444 of 1986 ADC manages large scale farms in kitale, lakipia, Nakuru and at the Coast with the following roles:-

  • Multiplication of quality seeds for the Kenyan farmer.
  • Custodian of national livestock studs.
  • Transfer technology from research institutions to Kenyan farmer.
  • Support agricultural processing industries as a major producer of agriculture produce e.g. Seed, milk, wheat and maize etc.


A. Constultancy Services

This targets established farms and offers technical advisory services both on crop and livestock production. The following Services are offered:-


B. Management Through Secondment of a Manager.

This involves management of the farms by ADC in partnership with owner This fallowing apply:-

(i) Secondment of a manager : ADC will second a farm manager to the farm on behalf of the owner on agreed terms and the owner to provide all the required resources for running the farm. The manager’s role will be among other things:-


C. Direct Management of Farms

Here ADC will take over the farm and run Units. The conditions here will include that:-

  • All resources are e.g. finance and human resource to be catered for by the farm owner.
  • The management period to be agreed upon between FAMS Unit and the owner.
  • Legal agreement for the take over to be clearly stipulated by FAMS Unit and the owner of the farm.


D. Contractual Services

i) Tractor and Equipment Hire Services

  • Land Breaking
  • 1st Ploughing / Stubble Ploughing
  • Heavy Harrow
  • Light Harrow
  • Planting
  • Spraying


(F) How to apply for services

Any farmer interested in any of the services offered should apply to:-
The Manager Director
Agricultural Development Corporation
P.O. Box 47101-00100


(G) If the Farmer/Owner's Application is Successful then the following will be Undertaken

  • A technical team will prepare assessment report on the farm.
  • The farmer / farm is registered by ADC, and an account is opened.
  • Corporation Secretary will draw an appropriate agreement with thefarms on the terms and conditions of the management services.


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