Core Values

Core values

Staff:Having committed members of staff working as a team, with high professional ideals, integrity, accountability, transparency and sources on an equal opportunity basis.

Environment:Ensuring that our activities are not only compliant but also friendly to environmental laws and community interests..

Social Responsibility and Patriotism:Having patriotic staff and management who will serve with citizens’ dignity and zeal for the prosperity of this country and be sensitive to the welfare of their neighbor.

Technology: Embracing new innovations and up- to – date technology development in all operations for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

Quality Service:Providing quality services to customers and clients at competitive prices.

What to get from us:

  • Quality Boran Beefs Breeds.
  • Quality Dairy Cows ( in – calf heifers)
  • Quality Semen from both local and Embryo Transfer (EF) bulls from world’s best sires.
  • A.I Training for AI Technicians.
  • Borehole Drillings Services.
  • Machinery Hire Services.
  • Quality animal feeds.
  • Farms Advisory and Management Services.


Motto: Excellence in Agriculture