Seed Maize


Agricultural Development Corporation is the major seed maize grower in the country. The corporation produces over 10 million clean seed maize annually. The Corporation plays varied roles in the development of agriculture in Kenya. As a provider of quality seed to the Kenyan farmer, it is the main seed maize grower in Kenya which is made possible through its large land area in Trans-Nzoia and Nakuru country. The basic seed obtained from the Kenya Seed Company and other organizations is multiplied and passed back to the seed companies for processing. In facilitating the multiplication of seed, the Corporation plays the role of availing sufficient quantities and good quality seed to the Kenyan farmer. In so doing, it contributes towards poverty reduction efforts and to the national food security.

Seed maize is by any standard a crop to go for with assured returns if taken care of well. Although land area is challenge, those who can afford will do well if they undertake the following:

  • Plan –when and how  to grow
  • Prepare your land early. Break should start in August, while stubble land starts in January.
  • Good weed control-pre-emergence use –Lasso, primagram, sencor emergence use Basagram, 24D Amine etc.
  • Ensure timely application of fertilizer [CAN/ASN] 2nd application.
  • Pest control-use of decis Bull-dock etc
  • Thinning, desuckering and roging in both female and males should be closely monitored as this can lead to crop failure.
  • Dettassling –Removing the tessels from female patterns is an exercise that is must do for seed maize.
  • GLS[Green Leaf Spots] control –use folicur @0.75litres/Ha three times from sulking stage.
  • Inspection-is done three times by the Kenya plant Health Inspectorate service [KEPHIS]. There is no shortcut to producing certified seed
  • Separation –removing male rows to avoid mixing when harvesting female lines.
  • Harvesting (female lines) is then followed by selection/ grading and delivery to Kenya Seed Company.
  • In order to ensure a bumper harvest, all good crop husbandry techniques must be applied.

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