Friesian.jpgFriesian cattle are identified by their black and white short haired coat and short horns. They are large in size with an average body weight of 500 – 550kg. They are natives of Europe but through importation of semen and local breeding, they are now kept in several countries in Africa.
They are kept for milk production and have the potential to produce 40-50kg of milk per day. The milk however has low butter fat content of 3.2%. High milk production is dependent on good feeding and Friesians are heavy eaters requiring about 110kg of fresh feed and 60litres of water per day.

They do well in cooler regions and are vulnerable to high temperatures. In Africa, they survive well in the cooler highlands. They can easily become sick and are susceptible to milk fever which can kill in a day.
Friesian cattle need a lot of care and they are best suited for zero grazing.
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