B. Management Through Secondment of a Manager.

B. Management Through Secondment of a Manager.

This involves management of the farms by ADC in partnership with owner This fallowing apply:-

(i) Secondment of a manager : ADC will second a farm manager to the farm on behalf of the owner on agreed terms and the owner to provide all the required resources for running the farm. The manager’s role will be among other things:-

  • Management of the daily operations in the farm.
  • Preparation of budgets and quarterly progress reports.
  • Report to both farm owner and FAMS Unit.
  • Preparation of farms assessment reports.

(ii) In consultation with the owner of the farm,
FAMS Unit shall agree on the following:-

  • All financial resources to be provided by the owner of the farm.
  • Terms of payment for services have to be agreed with ADC e.g.monthly, quarterly etc or may be negotiated based on the enterprises on the farm.
  • Managers’ salary and allowances will be based on ADC terms of service.