ADC Galana & Kulalu ranches

ADC acquired the ranch in 1989 from the previous owners - Galana Game and Trading Company Limited, who had been running since inception in 1968.

From the time ADC took over, it has concentrated on Beef Ranching and recently Eco-tourism activities have been started to supplement the ranching activities. Ecotourism activities include: Bird shooting, camps, sanctuary.

In addition to breeding its own beef animals, the ranch has been involved in the purchase of steers for fattening from the neighbouring districts.

Work is under way in establishing Galana a disease-free zone for animals destined for export in conjunction with the Ministry of Livestock Development.

Other activities include entering into joint ventures in conservation activities with communities, exploit potential of Natural resources e.g. honey, minerals and establishment of horticultural ventures.

Eco - tourism has been enhanced to increase the income streams of the ranch.

ADC Kiswani Farm

ADC Kiswani is located in the Coastal Belts with the altitude of 15m above sea level and an average rainfall of 1,105mm.

The farm is Fertile and comparatively suitable for Livestock production, especially Beef.The main Enterprise here is Dairy. The farm has specialised in production of Ayrshire - Sahiwal Crosses.

ADC Mutara Ranch

ADC Mutara ranch is located in Laikipia District. It is home to the National Boran Stud and has considerable Wildlife numbers.

The Ranch is seeking to be the best Boran breeding production Unit and first choice for Breeders who seek Boran Genetic materials Worldwide.A sanctuary has been developed to make use of the wildlife.

Garissa Irrigation Project

The Project was started in 1978 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The total Project area is 610 acres.

At the moment Agribusiness activities are coordinated from the Unit.

ADC Molo Potato Project

The Molo Potato project is a Center of Potato Seed Production, Storage and Distribution.A Tissue Culture Lab has been established to aid in rapid multiplication of Seed Potato.

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